Artist Statement

           Christine Matzke’s paintings are very colorful and energetic. She uses a dynamic pallet to represent the vibrancy and richness of her life’s journey. Her inspirations stem from life experiences, nature, music, and dance. The abstract form serves as a means to express the feeling of these experiences. The interplay of colors are like a dance in paint, expressing the nuances, layers and movement of emotions. Unconsciously created forms appear in these abstract paintings igniting the imagination with archetypal symbols and stories.

           The artist’s first series has an art therapy foundation. She applied art therapy techniques during the painting process, as well as in interpreting the completed works. Her first series represents a period of transformation, healing and self-discovery. More recent works show meditative moods, an exploration of color relationships and intentional inner impressions of settings or emotions. 

For information about exhibit of artwork contact the artist.


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