Life Dances and Dancing with Life Part 2

Creative Play
Continued from part 1

The lifeline that had always been there was art.
    I finally saw this for what it was when my increasing desire to heal my heart lead me to the discovery of information about Art Therapy. Here my passion for art was re-ignited. With it, I found a new career path, and the hope that through art I could be healed and become wholehearted again.

      I had a direction, a focus, and perhaps even a sense of purpose. Once enrolled again in college, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to take an undergraduate art therapy class. The semester I took this course, I consistently created more artwork than I had since I was a child when my inner critic was barely present. Art was fun and free again, while also almost a daily experience.

     From the intention to heal through art making I was inspired to explore abstract painting using a method similar to my father’s. His death when I was a child was another weight on my heart and I hoped I might better understand who he was by employing his style of painting. I chose acrylic paint rather than oil as my medium. I began as I remembered from watching him paint, with a wash of color followed by blotting to remove areas of pigment. I then used a pallet knife, for the first time, to apply other colors in geometric strokes resembling his painting style. A whole new world opened up to me within minutes. Suddenly I wasn’t imitating my father’s painting style I was uncovering my own.

Musical Muse

     In abstract painting, I had found a way to express my feelings and myself with a freedom and joy I had only experienced before in dance. Since the creation of my first abstract, my understanding of this and my painting style have evolved. Time had already somewhat healed the depth of the wound in my heart from the loss of my ballet dreams. The heartache I had continued to carry with me was not as much about this loss as it was about self-expression and having lost an outlet to freely express myself.

     During this discovery of a creative outlet for expressing my inner movements  and finding my creative voice, an epiphany came to me. In a moment of peaceful clarity and wonder, I saw that “All of life is a dance!” and how I move with it is what makes all the difference. I also came to recognize, through this perspective, that the end of my ballet career was really the beginning of my journey to fully dancing with life.

     Presently, some of my dance steps are with paint and pallet knife and sharing these creations. Other steps of my dance are my desire to be of service, through assisting other people to become wholehearted and fill their lives with dances of joy. I am in awe and wonder and deeply grateful for the opportunities to follow this dance, a continual work in progress.

Love and Beauty 1

I invite you to join “The Dance,” to celebrate your life in all of its movements, and to step into experiences that bring you
your greatest joy.


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